Shoot House

FRC Indoor Range is proud to offer Force on Force tactical simulation classes in our reality based “Shoot House” training facility.  Students will train in a specially crafted physical environment with ultra-realistic training firearms and ammunition against actual human opposition. 

This is the most realistic and intense firearms training you can receive short of being in an actual gunfight.

FRC’s 15,000 square foot, two story “Shoot House” provides the law enforcement, military, and civilian shooting communities with a large array of training options and is customizable to suit virtually any scenario.  The modular, fully furnished, and climate controlled facility is the perfect setting for training evolutions such as active shooter, room clearing/CQB, home defense, and many others.  The facility is also equipped with a state of the art “Breaching Door” for law enforcement and firefighters to practice mechanical breaches using rams, hammers, Halligan bars, crowbars and other breaching implements.  The entire complex is monitored by CCTV with both real-time and play back capabilities to enhance the student’s learning experience and provide constructive feedback.

Force on Force and Simunitions training is normally accessible only to law enforcement and the armed forces. FRC is unique in its ability to offer this extremely valuable training opportunity to the armed citizens of our state and region.  Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of some of the most demanding and challenging training currently available.

Call an FRC Instructor today for class offerings and schedules or to arrange a customized training package for you and your team.