Image Based Decisional Drills Mini Class

Image Based Decisional Drills was developed by Ms. Shelley Hill of The Complete Combatant and uses an array of images to teach students how to make fast, accurate, and reasoned decisions when faced with dangerous or ambiguous situations.  The class focuses on learning to think, decide, and act under stress.  It is a great class for everyone whether you carry a gun or not.

Using visual stimuli (images) you will learn to quickly assess the situation, decide what to do, and act on it.  Students will use props (intert OC spray, SIRT pistol, cell phone, tourniquet, flashlight etc) to practice acting on their decisions and will be debriefed after their actions.

Based on the concept of Recognition Primed Decision Making, this class allows students to work through scenarios they may encounter in their everyday life.  This class is an excellent introduction to the self-defense/awareness mindset. For more information about Image Based Decisional drills see 

FRC's IMDD Mini Class is an abbreviated version of the full class and is taught by our own Ashley Chin who studied under, and is authorized to teach the class, by Ms. Shelley Hill of The Complete Combatant.

Class Length:  3.5 Hrs

What to Bring:  All class materials will be provided.

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