Accuracy & Precision Clinic

"Accuracy” and “Precision” are two separate terms with different meanings. Marksmanship is the union of the two.  FRC's 4 hour Accuracy and Precision Clinic will focus on refining your fundamentals and fine tuning your grip, trigger press, breathing, and follow through to help you develop a high level of both metrics.

Topics covered include:

  •  Unique challenges inherent in shooting a handgun
  •  Distinction between "Accuracy" and "Precision"
  • Precision marksmanship vs. defensive accuracy
  • Dry Fire, it's importance and proper execution
  • Understanding and refining the thumbs forward grip, casual and aggressive
  • Aiming holds
  • Perfecting the trigger press
  • Natural point of aim, arc of movement, and breathing techniques
  • Dry fire drills to develop precision and accuracy
  • Live fire drills

Class length: 3.5 hours

What to bring: Your pistol, a quality holster or case, minimum of 3 magazines, hearing and eye protection, and 150 rounds of appropriate caliber ammunition for your handgun. Ammunition for most handgun calibers, and ear and eye protection are available for purchase in our retail store.

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