NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course

The NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting Course teaches students the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a rifle safely and responsibly.  This class covers firearms safety, secure storage, nomenclature and operation, basic rifle marksmanship, and many other important subjects for the new rifle owner or shooter.  This is a pass/fail course with a 50 question written exam, and upon successful completion the student will be awarded an NRA Certificate.

Topics covered include:

  • Rifle Knowledge, Nomenclature, and Safe Gun Handling
  • Ammunition Knowledge
  • The Fundamentals of Rifle Shooting
  • Rifle Shooting Positions
  • Live Fire Qualifications
  • Scoring Targets
  • Selecting and Maintaining Your Rifle
  • Further Opportunities for Skill Development
  • Written Exam (50 Questions)

Class length:  8 Hours

What to bring:  Your rifle in a proper hard or soft case, 150 rounds of appropriate caliber ammunition, and ear and eye protection.

If you do not currently own a rifle we have rentals available at no additional charge (you must purchase FRC ammunition when renting an FRC firearm).

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