Law Enforcement

FRC is honored to be an important training venue for a number of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  Departments and agencies that we are privileged to provide with services and facilities include the Baton Rouge Police Department, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Port Allen Police Dept., the Denham Springs Police Dept., the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal, the U.S. Marshals’ and the F.B.I. SWAT team.

Our facility is one of the few public ranges in the State of Louisiana that is law enforcement P.O.S.T Certified, and several agencies conduct their P.O.S.T. qualifications with us every year.  In addition, FRC has several training assets that make us unique among indoor ranges in general and very attractive to law enforcement in particular.

FRC’s 15,000 square foot, two story Shoot House provides the law enforcement community with a large array of options and is customizable to suit virtually any training scenario.  The modular, fully furnished, and climate controlled complex is the perfect venue for active shooter exercises, building/room searches, room clearing/CQB, K9 handling and many others.  The facility is also equipped with a state of the art Breaching Door for law enforcement and firefighters to practice mechanical breaches using rams, hammers, Halligan bars, crowbars and other breaching implements. 

Moreover, there is an expansive, unoccupied parking lot directly adjacent to the facility to allow for emergency vehicle approach and perimeter deployment, Incident Command Post establishment, and for creating separate triage and interview areas.  These areas can be fully utilized during hours of both daylight and darkness.   

The entire complex is monitored by CCTV with both real-time and play back capabilities to enhance the officers’ learning experience and provide constructive feedback.

Last, FRC is also able to provide a full suite of PPE and other protective gear as well as simunitions/Force on Force training guns, and simunitions/Force on Force training ammunition.

Whatever your agency’s specific training needs may be, FRC is here to provide you and your officers with the assets and resources you require.  Call or contact us here to discuss tailored training options for your department today.