From basic cleaning to advanced repairs, FRC can handle your all of your Gunsmithing needs.  We have a fulltime gunsmith and a fully stocked repair shop on site. 

Call or come in today for a price quote, and let the professionals at FRC help you repair and maintain your valuable firearms, and keep them operating at peak performance!

Smithing services include but are not limited to:

  • Trigger Work (Rifles and Pistols)
  • Full Customization Work (Rifles and Pistols)
  • Sight Installation & Adjustments
  • Scope Mounting & Bore Sighting
  • Night Vision & Thermal Sight-in
  • Scope Sight-in
  • Laser & Light Installation
  • Gun Cleaning & Ultrasonic gun cleaning
  • Battery Changes
  • AR Builds & Gas Block Adjustments