Women’s Only NRA Defensive Pistol

This is a WOMEN’S ONLY advanced pistol class taught by an FRC female Firearms Instructor that concentrates on using a concealed handgun ethically, responsibly, and with confidence.  Defensive Pistol is a shooting intensive course with minimum classroom time designed to develop advanced gun handling skills and techniques.  We highly encourage you to take either the Concealed Carry Course or the Draw Clinic prior to registering for this class.  This is not a beginner's course.

Topics covered include:

  • Principles of concealment
  • Defensive mindset and situational awareness
  • Physiology of a lethal force encounter
  • Drawing, presenting, and reholstering from open and concealment
  • Defensive accuracy and flash sight picture
  • Tactical and emergency speed reloads
  • Immediate actions for stoppages and malfunctions
  • Dry and live-fire drills
  • Qualification Course

Class length: 8 Hours

What to bring: Your pistol, a quality holster, quality gunbelt,  minimum of 3 magazines, magazine pouch, concealment garment (vest, jacket, long shirt, etc.) hearing and eye protection, 300 rounds of caliber appropriate ammunition.

Ammunition for most handgun calibers, and ear and eye protection are available for purchase in our retail area.

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