Range Rules

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Safety comes FIRST at FRC.  The following Range Rules are in place to guarantee the safety or our shooters, customers and staff.  If at any time you have concerns or questions about our rules, please speak with a staff member immediately.

    Keep your Muzzle pointed down range AT ALL TIMES


    Do not load your gun UNTIL READY TO SHOOT

    • You must be at least 12 years of age to go on the firing range
    • Eye and ear protection required at all times
    • Uncase your firearms at your shooting stall only; no uncased firearms behind the firing line
    • No unattended firearms at any time
    • No steel or armor penetrating/bimetallic, tracer or incendiary ammunition.  (Tulammo, Monarch, Herters, or any round that a magnet sticks to the bullet tip.)
    • Shotgun slugs or buckshot only — no birdshot/steel shot/game loads. We reserve the right to inspect your ammunition
    • Limit 2 customers per lane — one active shooter per lane — no cross lane shooting
    • No food, drink or tobacco usage of any kind in the range
    • No holster work unless certified by Range Safety Officer
    • You must observe the Range Safety Officer’s commands
    • We reserve the right to limit the use of inappropriate targets
    • No refunds of any kind for parties expelled for safety violations
    • FRC's rental program requires the purchase of factory fresh ammunition from our inventory
    • No black powder or muzzle loading firearms allowed
    • You must watch the safety video. (Annual update required)
    • We all need to be focused on SAFETY!