Shooting on the Move

Shooting on the Move is an advanced defensive handgun class which incorporates both fire and movement and teaches the shooter the skills and techniques necessary to effectively engage a threat while moving off the line of attack or moving to cover.  This 4 hour course includes both dry and live fire exercises and covers the following topics:

  • Safe gun handling techniques that incorporate economy of motion and maximum efficiency
  • Moving, stopping, and shooting
  • Engaging targets while moving to cover
  • Shooting while moving

This is not a beginner's class!  Students should be familiar and comfortable working from the holster and should already possess intermediate to advanced gun handling and marksmanship skills.  A valid, state issued concealed handgun permit is a prerequisite for attending this course.

Course Length: 4 Hrs.

What to bring:  Clean and serviceable EDC pistol, proper holster (OWB, IWB, AIWB), mag pouch, 2 magazines minimum, 100 rounds FMJ ammunition of your chosen caliber.  In addition please bring a concealment garment and hearing and eye protection.

Ammunition for most handgun calibers, and ear and eye protection are available for purchase in our retail area.