Low Light Principles

FRC's Low Light Principles Class will familiarize students with the seven light techniques to safely navigate in darkness.

Topics Covered:

  • Movement in darkness
  • Practical uses of the flashlight; not just for darkened environments
  • How the human eye reacts to darkness
  • The benefits of a weapon mounted light
  • Dry-Fire and Live Fire using hand held and weapon mounted lights

What to bring:

  • Pistol or revolver in one of the following calibers: .380, 9MM, ,38SPL, .357 Magnum, .40S&W, or .45ACP
  • Belt mounted, dominant side outside the waistband (OWB) and/or inside the waistband (IWB or AIWB) concealment holster 
  • Magazine pouch (2 mag capacity)
  • Handheld flashlight
  • Weapon mounted light with suitable holster (optional) 
  • Knee pads (optional)
  • 100 rds. of appropriate caliber ammunition

Class Length: 4 hrs.

Ammunition for most handgun calibers, and ear and eye protection are available for purchase in our retail area.